When teaching anything, if you want quality students, you must “inspect what you expect”. Over my years of experience in the martial arts and in other fields, I’ve witnessed many different styles of teacher. In my experience, one thing reigns true when observing the teaching styles of those that produce high quality students… Quality teachers have higher expectations. Not just higher expectations in a couple areas, but across the board.

Children sit in a pose of looking on demonstration punch of karateThat equates to raising expectations on all the little things, too. As an instructor, think of all the ways you can raise expectations of your students. From how they eat – to exercise regiments – to goal setting, you have the chance to help your students reach levels above & beyond even what you can achieve. As an instructor, you teach a variety of students, all with differing abilities. Some of these students have natural talents far different than your own. It’s your responsibility to guide the student and help them develop their talents, no matter what those might be. If those talents lay outside your own, a great instructor investigates ways to help develop them into more.

Having high expectations goes for your students as well as for yourself. Great instructors continue to learn and grow, in their own artistic development, as well as growing as a teacher. Hopefully, you’ve learned that much growth comes from personal development. For instructors wanting to be the best they can be, that growth comes from continued study of the martial arts as well as continued study of teaching, coaching, leading, & motivating others. In today’s day and age, that study and research is easier than ever.

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