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Back-to-School… We Can Help

It’s that time of year again and the kids are preparing to start school. There’s an excitement in the air & possibly some anxiety or fear from either the kids or the parents. School can be trying to our nerves,… Continue Reading →

Back-2-School Self-Defense Clinic

For moms or young ladies (high school or older) interested in learning & practicing some real-world applications for self-defense. Teaming up Jake (martial arts instructor at Ninja Fit) with Self-Safety Mary (with Damsel in Defense), this seminar will allow women… Continue Reading →

Problems With Some Teachers Now Days

Normally, I prefer to write articles from a more “positive” mindset instead of looking at the negatives. However, sometimes it can be just as effective (if not more so) to learn what NOT to do… Teachers who know it all…. Continue Reading →

Martial Arts Effect on Children’s Health?

Dave Kovar wrote in MA Success Magazine: “For children to be healthy and to have their bodies develop correctly, they need to perform natural movements like jumping, running, climbing, falling, and rolling on a regular basis. Martial arts training emphasizes… Continue Reading →

How can Martial Arts teach me (or my child) Respect?

Respect is EARNED, not given. It’s our goal at Ninja Fit to teach students HOW to show respect so that it’s more likely to be shown in return. Showing respect can come in many forms: Respecting yourself can be shown… Continue Reading →

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