Normally, I prefer to write articles from a more “positive” mindset instead of looking at the negatives. However, sometimes it can be just as effective (if not more so) to learn what NOT to do…

know-it-allTeachers who know it all. There was a time when the leading minds of the world KNEW the earth was flat. There was a time when the leading minds of the world KNEW the sun revolved around the earth & we were the cent
er of the universe. Science is constantly evolving, as is our understanding of the human body, mind, and learning methods. Any teacher who has stopped trying to learn or better themselves is DANGEROUS to their students, and not a good role model. I’ve witnessed instructors that have taught for 20 years and are teaching the same way today as they did 20 years ago. Times change. Customers change. Expectations change. A great teacher must learn to adapt to change.

Teachers whTrend Followefo change too often. While I DO believe that constant learning and adapting is a sign of a great teacher, there are those (especially business owners) that switch too often to follow each new trend or fad in their industry. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s right for your students or program. I believe it’s our responsibility as teachers, and leaders, to critique any new programs or trends and REALLY think about whether they bring anything new or necessary to our students. Perhaps you already have a program in place to teach the same lessons but it just needs tweaking. Maybe this new “trendy” program just doesn’t fit in with the art or culture you teach in your academy. Just
think about it.

Screaming teacherTeachers who order but don’t teach.  I’ve seen this in many academies over the years… The instructor will tell the students to perform a drill or so many kicks & then just walk away from those students to focus on others. Who’s watching these students to make sure they’re doing the drill (or kicks) properly, with the correct form, and not going to injury themselves or someone else?? Also, there’s the instructor that stands at the front of the class & calls counts, or gives orders, but NEVER corrects or motivates anyone! These people are just enjoying being “in charge” but are NOT encouraging the students to be better in ANY way.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain some pet peeves as I’m still seeing them in the industry. With technology these days, I don’t even have to step foot in their academy to see it, these examples are being posted online daily. If you’re not involved in teaching, you may not notice these things when you see them in action, but hopefully this helps more people become informed consumers. If you ARE a teacher of any kind, you may recognize these teaching types, and I hope they aren’t you. Even for teachers (or Leaders in general), I hope this article gives you pause for thought about whether your students (or followers) are truly learning to become their best because of you.