Dave Kovar wrote in MA Success Magazine:

“For children to be healthy and to have their bodies develop correctly, they need to perform natural movements like jumping, running, climbing, falling, and rolling on a regular basis. Martial arts training emphasizes all of these things. It is an incredibly well-rounded form of exercise, helping a child develop lean muscle mass, bone density, flexibility, and endurance.

Also, most martial arts schools place a strong emphasis on a healthy food intake – helping children learn healthy eating habits that can stick with them for life. Overall, martial arts is the perfect activity to keep children healthy and fit.”

karate girl kicking pad

Ninja Fit emphasizes all of the above with our regular classes, as well as giving more opportunities to be healthy and active through our clinics and outings. Ninja Fit students and families are regularly invited to try rock climbing, roller skating, gymnastics, and many opportunities to be active as a family. We enjoy bonding with our students outside the dojo & seeing families bond through activity, not just being bystanders while watching one person move around. We’re all in this together. 🙂

For more information about classes, clinics, or outings with Ninja Fit, please call or come by, today.