Ninja Fit Taekwondo is built around 6 main tenets (or principles) that we choose to live our lives around.  It’s not enough to just learn and recite the meanings of the words, but we want our students to live these tenets in their daily lives.

What are the Tenets?






*Indomitable Spirit

How do we encourage & follow-up to see if our students are living the tenets?

Each 3 month cycle leading up to rank advancement will revolve around one of our tenets.  There will be daily “mat chats” where instructors will discuss the cycle tenet with the students.

Chat topics will include:

*What does yourtenet mean?

*How have you shown your tenet in the past?

*How would you like to be viewed on this tenet in the future?

*How are you showing this tenet in your present life?

In addition to “mat chats” where we discuss & ensure our students understand the tenets, we will host regular activities that allow the students to demonstrate the tenets.  We’ll host inside activities at our location (seminars, parent’s nights out, etc) and outside activities around town (fun runs, other clinics, etc).  These activities will allow our instructors a chance to observe the students interacting with friends & family, but will also give us the chance to lead by example.  We understand that sometimes it can be confusing to figure out HOW to live these tenets on a daily basis.  Therefore, from our most basic business interactions with every potential customer, to our long-term customers & family, we aim to SHOW what we’re about so our students have a clear path to follow.

Lastly, our instructors stay in constant communication with the parents of our students.  We want to ensure that the behavior we’re seeing & discussing truly IS happening outside our dojo.  We’re always looking for feedback from parents and/or teachers, so feel free to let us know how your student lives the tenets in their daily life.