Focus Program (5-6 years old)

This is a 30 minute lesson, in order to better accommodate our younger students. During this time, we keep the class moving, but help the kids learn to focus their eyes, ears and bodies in the learning process. Every kid wants to be a NINJA, but most parents just want them to stand still for 5 seconds and do what they’re told… We help teach those basic life skills in a fun environment. As the kids progress and mature, they’ll eventually be able to join our Junior Program to further their physical & mental development.

Junior Program (7-11 years old)

This age group is the most common client of ours at Ninja Fit.  This is the age that children have enough raw skills for us to build on & help develop more than any other age group.  It really is a treat to watch a young child mature through the years in a program such as this.  We can help them push their limits in flexibility, power, and speed while building their confidence, respect, and control.

Adult Program (12 years & up)

Our Adult Program is focused on helping adults develop flexibility, full range of motion, cardio, and strength at their own pace.  We all have different bodies and abilities, so while lessons are taught in a group setting, you’re only expected to do the best you can do.  Progress and achievements are based upon each individual and the effort each person exudes.

Fit Fun Defense (13 & up)

For those adults who don’t want the formality of martial arts lessons, we hold weekly Self-Defense classes every Tuesday & Thursday evening from 7-8:00pm. Each month, we’ll build confidence & power in specific movements & discuss specific situations. This is NOT a cardio kickboxing class. This IS power & technique training for men and women wanting to better prepare themselves for Self-Defense, and get into better shape while learning.

We’re mobile & can bring the class to you! Call/text us to schedule a seminar for your church or work group today. Available weekdays.

For more information, visit our Youtube page.  Also, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and let us know how we can serve you.