First off, there is no ONE way to learn Self-Defense.  There are some systems of martial art out there that focus primarily on that without focusing on other aspects (weight loss, focus, discipline, etc).  At Ninja Fit, we choose to incorporate the Self-Defense lessons into the curriculum while teaching other things as well.

One of the biggest things to overcome in a self-defense situation is the shock of the situation.  Most people are caught unprepared for a combative situation and haven’t trained their minds to expect certain outcomes.  Part of the training received at Ninja Fit requires training your mind on what to expect.  Now, nobody can be prepared for everything at all times, but if you train consistently to prepare your mind for being mugged or dealing with bullies, you’re mentally more prepared to accept the challenge and deal with the situation if/when it occurs.

The other big obstacle to overcome is knowing what you can do to escape or hinder the person attacking you.  Ninja Fit curriculum will cover a wide array of scenarios throughout your training and give you regular practice and repetition in preparing you for them.  While not every possible scenario can be fully covered in any program, we’ve created a balanced curriculum that teaches escapes, counters, and even controlling your opponent.  Aside from the mental aspect, the repetition helps build the muscle memory needed to let your body take control in case your mind needs time to catch up if/when a situation ever does occur.

For a few example videos of Self-Defense drills you can practice with a partner at home (carefully), please visit our Youtube page under the “Self Defense” playlist.