Respect is EARNED, not given. It’s our goal at Ninja Fit to teach students HOW to show respect so that it’s more likely to be shown in return. Showing respect can come in many forms:

Respecting yourself can be shown through maintaining a respectable appearance. This could be as simple as keeping your martial arts uniform clean and tidy, or keeping your body healthy and hygienic. It could come from keeping your house and car clean and tidy. From a physical aspect, walking tall (with good posture), or looking others in the eye when talking are also things that help people show respect for themselves and will lead others to show respect to you.

Respecting others can be shown by paying attention to instructors as they talk, or working well with other students in class. It can be shown by being considerate in dealing with friends or family. Or, you can show respect to strangers by being polite and courteous in your interactions. Finally, when teaching others, it’s important to be respectful of your students as you teach them.

Respecting the art practiced at Ninja Fit is shown by practicing at home to fully understand the concepts taught in class and try to be the best you can be. Also, living the tenets outside the dojo so that others may see what the martial arts are about is a great way to show respect for the art you’re learning.

Respecting the community is learned through community involvement projects. It’s our belief at Ninja Fit that you can’t learn to respect if you never learn to think of others affected.

Students who learn the valuable lesson of how to show respect to others and earn respect usually become better leaders, team players, and better quality people overall. Remember, respect is EARNED – so deserve it.