Martial arts work FULL BODY & FULL RANGE of motion, which is better than most weight programs in the gym.

Fitness conditioning in the Ninja Fit system comes from a program designed to work the entire body, from head to toe in multiple formats. This includes aerobic conditioning, stretching, speed & agility drills, power development, & strengthening the body.

Aerobic Conditioning – Ninja Fit teaches Taekwondo as the base martial art. Taekwondo is a very active art making use of many spectacular kicks, sometimes adding spins & jumps
to the techniques. Additionally, Teakwood requires much footwork in the sparring department. These factors add up & help to increase the student’s conditioning.

Stretching – develKids kickingops better fitness & range of motion, too. Martial arts programs such as this one have been used to help athletic teams (both college & professional) in the off-season. It’s even been reported that teams that continued using the stretching routines taught in their martial arts trainin
g claim fewer injuries in the season which they stretch more.

Speed & Agility Drills – Working in concert with aerobic conditioning and stretching, the Ninja Fit system incorporates regular practice of different drills designed to improve speed & agility over time. Just like anything else, with focused practice, noticeable improvement can be achieved.

Power Development – Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion: Force (F) = Mass (M) x Acceleration (A); so, F = M x A, can help illustrate this point. Lessons at Ninja Fit will help you burn fat so your Mass (M) becomes more lean muscle than flab, and will help you learn to develop your speed through practiced drills & explanations. All that helping to increase the amount of Force you direct at an object won’t help, though, without the proper FOCUS and precision needed to hit your target. Training at Ninja Fit also provides opportunities to fine tune your practice in precision and focus. All this for the specific goal that each student become more confident that he/she can defend themselves, if needed.

Strengthening the Body – As discussed in the previous section (on Power Development), one goal of training at Ninja Fit is to help turn your body’s Mass into more lean muscle than flab. Many students come to martial arts proTeamwork_Militarygrams to get in better shape, & many find it more enjoyable than joining a gym. Whatever the reason, we think you’ll enjoy learning something new, meeting new people, and being in an encouraging environment while sweating out your stresses and strengthening yourself for tomorrow.

By helping our students achieve small victories increasing in gradual difficulty, our students learn to push or challenge themselves to achieve more. This mental conditioning helps them push their bodies to limits in ways they may not have tried in normal gyms.

Remember, it WON’T happen overnight, but it WILL happen for all students that remain in the program long enough to see the results.

For videos of exercises you can do at home, please view our Youtube page & check out the different playlists we’ve created for all different purposes.

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