Using Self-Discipline OUTSIDE the Dojo:

Our instructors are constantly asking the students to look for opportunities in their daily lives where

they can incorporate the life skills taught at Ninja Fit.  Once the students understand the definition of the life skill and have provided one instance to show where they’ve lived that example during that current training cycle, they’re rewarded with a stripe on their belt, which is partial requirement for their next rank promotion.  In addition to discussing these opportunities with the students, our instructors will also be in regular communication with the parents to assure the message is conveyed properly and asking for feedback on their child’s progress at home and school.


Finally, Ninja Fit hosts regular events (both inside & outside the martial arts school) where the instructors get to observe the students in different settings outside the normal martial arts class.  Examples of outside events may consist of us running a 5K together, going ice skating, playing in the park, or any number of things.  These outside events allow us to bond with the students in a more social setting; allow our instructors to set the example of how to live the tenets taught; allow families to be active together so the parents can bond with their kids in a fun, healthy way; and, allow our instructors to observe our students behaving in a more social setting.  Inside events will allow much of the same, but under Ninja Fit’s roof, so students may bring friends to events, but the setting is more controlled.  So, while we’re observing our students’ behavior among their family or peers, we have more chances to remind students of the rules and set parameters of behavior and etiquette.

Our instructors and staff at Ninja Fit care about you and your family.  We want to help build a better world and future for us all.  We believe that starts with instilling good values and skills in people so they can learn to help themselves and others.  Therefore, we strive to be constant reminders for you and your children to remind yourselves of the rules and standards.  And, once you’ve met each new goal, or achieved a new level, we will celebrate your accomplishment and be there to remind you that you’ve raised the bar of expectations on yourself, too.