First, let’s define some terms:

Discipline – You follow the rules after being reminded of them.

Self-Discipline – You remind yourself of the rules & follow them without being told.

Now that we’ve covered that, let me explain how the instructors at Ninja Fit can help you, or your child, develop both these skills…

When first enrolled in martial arts, it’s such a fun, new experience that kids (and adults) can easily be distracted and get carried away in the fun.  At this beginning level, it’s expected that the instructors will need to remind students (sometimes quite often) of the rules and etiquette at Ninja Fit.  Because it’s expected and understood, the instructors find kind and fun ways to remind students of the rules, and may even make following the rules a fun challenge for the class.  The students may have great moments in class that may get them recognized in front of their peers, but then have other moments where their focus or dedication are lacking.  For this reason, there are many opportunities in the beginning level classes to receive praise and have light-hearted fun or games that challenge students on how well they follow directions or listen.  This makes the process of developing Discipline seem fun, not shameful or chastising.

As time passes and the students progress through the ranks, the expectations that students remember the rules grow.  The students see praise for their accomplishments in belt and stripe recognition, but the instructors always remind them that this now raises our expectations of them.  Rank Test - 3_19_16, pic 20Once they’ve proven themselves at a certain level, we ALWAYS expect at least that level of dedication and performance from them moving forward.  This process leads to the students reminding themselves of the rules more regularly & developing Self-Discipline inside Ninja Fit.