All martial arts aid in the development of balance & coordination by their very nature.

Repetition of focused practice using hands AND feet in ways not “normally” used in your daily life will increase awareness and help develop control of your entire body.  As discussed in previous articles, Ninja Fit instructors use a building-block method of teaching as to not overwhelm students, but to let them achieve a level of success on each drill before moving to the next level of difficulty.

Ninja Fit also balances fast movement practice along with slow movement practice.  In practicing moves slowly, your mind can better process signals from your body to help assess problems within your movement or technique.  In addition, it takes much more muscle control of several muscle groups in order to kick slowly versus quickly, thus working to improve balance and coordination in each slow drill.

Realize, as a parent or a potential member yourself, the instructors at Ninja Fit will gradually build you up to increase your skills.  Nobody expects a beginner to come in and start jumping and spinning before they’ve learned the basics.  It’s a gradual and continual road of improvement through the martial arts.  Our goal is to help you achieve continued success and have fun doing it.  That’s how we keep our customers happy.High Side Kick

For more videos of balance drills you can do at home, please view our Youtube page under the “Balance & Coordination Drills” playlist.