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As I'm sure you're already aware, 5 & 6 year olds have LOTS of energy!

Sometimes that energy means their mind is moving fast from one topic to another and that tends to look like lack of FOCUS.

However, many times they focus fine, but are bored or already figured out what you're gonna say, so they move on.

Ninja Fit instructors understand that activities need to move quickly from one to another, especially for this age group.

While working to keep their interest in a fun, cool activity, we're also working on developing:

SELF-CONTROL - controlling your body through balance or staying still

FOCUS - eyes, mind & body

COORDINATION - hand/eye, foot/eye, & learning left/right

They're not learning super advanced physical skills, but working to learn the basics.

In addition to those benefits, they're learning about SELF-DEFENSE & LIFE SKILLS

You can find some great videos about some of these lessons on our Blog/FAQ page.

young boy in Ninja Fit karate uniform holding karate punch in good stance while keeping eyes focused on punching knuckles

Energetic, Fun class (30 minutes) for ages 5-6. Teaches basic moves, life skills, & safety while building balance, focus & discipline


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