Studies show one in three high school students experience physical and/or sexual violence that is perpetrated by someone they are dating or going out with. 1 A startling 43 percent of dating college women and 28 percent of college men say they experience violent and abusive dating behavior.2  During February’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), national, state and local domestic violence and sexual assault organizations are inviting people to “Huddle Up for Healthy Relationships” and work together to prevent dating abuse. We want you to join us in this campaign, too, and celebrate healthy relationships with us! 

Dating abuse is more common than people think and can include:  

• Physical and sexual abuse  

• Verbal/emotional abuse and controlling behaviors  

• Digital abuse (the use of technologies such as cell phones and social networking to abuse and control) 

Anyone can help promote positive teen relationships. Join the conversation with national and local domestic violence experts and help spread awareness to keep teens safe. Use your voice, write and post blogs, participate in Twitter polls, shoot videos and recognize Wear Orange for Love Day during Respect Week February 11 – 15. If you are a parent, you can learn about dating abuse and how to support your teen with a guide we created in both English and Spanish. 

To get started, download the Huddle Up for Healthy Relationships Toolkit on for #TeenDVMonth engagement ideas. We have plenty of materials you can use in your school, community or home. Follow #HuddleUp for #HealthyRelationships on social media.