Of course!!  Girls, in general, have such good focus that they learn extremely fast.  While it may look more one-sided in some academies, the reality is that nearly half of all children training across the world in martial arts are girls.

Martial arts is one of the few activities that boys & girls can learn together.  This allows brothers & sisters, friends, & neighbors the ability to train together.  In many cases, this opens the lines of communications so they can all learn from each other, too.

As where girls & women are often the targets of criminals because they are thought to be weak or defenseless, participating in martial arts programs can help reduce that likelihood, as well.  From learning to project more confidence in your walk, to thinking strategically about avoiding situations, martial arts training can help everyone.  Finally, by allowing boys & girls to train and grow together, it becomes easier for boys to see girls as equals or superior in certain ways.

I don’t know a parent in the world that wouldn’t want their daughter to learn to protect themselves.  Instead of enrolling her in boxing, consider the other life skills taught through the martial arts.  While you’re looking, call or bring your daughter by to try class with us.  See if Ninja Fit is a good fit for you and your family.