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Up until about the 1990's, police & self-defense instructors used to say that people were likely to have one of 2 reactions when confronted with violence: Fight or Flight.

Somewhere around the 90's, those same "experts" started realizing there was a third possibility, making the possible reactions now:

Fight, Flight or FREEZE.

It's that third one (Freeze) that I really hope to help people avoid. Those people that aren't used to fighting, or might not be able to flee... The solution to overcoming the freeze is repetitive movements so your muscle memory kicks in if your brain freezes.

You don't get that muscle memory from one 2-hour seminar. That's not enough to discuss and prepare you for very many scenarios.

That's why we offer continuing classes 2 nights per week. To give you the chance to build the muscle memory & prepare your mind and body for multiple scenarios. Heck, you can even bring new scenarios to the class & we'll help you work them out.


Teen girls are highly susceptible to being abducted, assaulted or being victim of dating violence.

With Kansas City being a travel hub & hub for sex trafficking, it's surprising EVERY teen girl in town isn't taking some Self-Defense class regularly.

Teen boys, on the other hand, are less likely to be victims of a sexual assault, but are still susceptible to bullying.

Ninja Fit may offer the safe space where your teen feels he belongs while developing a stronger confidence.

Adult women may be more prone to being robbed, but there's still a decent chance for sexual assault, too.

In addition to discussing Awareness & having a Self-Defense Mindset, we will work on the physical skills needed to escape, fight off, or control attackers.

Adult men may be less concerned about sexual assault, but being robbed or assaulted is still a strong possibility.

Ninja Fit classes will help develop the skills necessary to deal with these issues, thus increasing your own confidence.


In addition to all these specific reasons you might have, you'll also get regular stretching, cardio & strength building AND meet new people.

Many women in a Self-Defense class lined up and hitting the bob punching bag

1-hour class for teens & adults. No uniform or formality of learning full martial art, but get a workout while learning to hit stuff HARD and avoid/escape a wide variety of scenarios (usually while smiling).


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