Jake Miesner authored a chapter in an Amazon International Best-Selling book about dealing with the issue of bullying in today’s society.  Mr. Miesner is a believer in helping kids develop confidence & self-esteem as a hinderance for bullies.

The book is available on Amazon:


Also, in partnering with Damsel in Defense for personal protection, their line of reading books (ex: SAFEHearts_BadGuy), coloring books and games for kids is a GREAT way to share family time & give guidance on some of those “difficult discussions” like bullying, stranger danger, inappropriate touching, etc…  Please check out https://safehearts.damselindefense.net for more information, or contact us if you’d like a BullyProof/SafeHearts talk with a group of kids & parents in your community.  We’re mobile, so we can come to schools, churches, Girl Scout meetings, etc…