It’s that time of year again and the kids are preparing to start school. There’s an excitement in the air & possibly some anxiety or fear from either the kids or the parents. School can be trying to our nerves, both in the amount of stress coming from dealing with class workloads, and from the stresses of the kids learning to deal with their peers.

If you worry about your kid having a healthy outlet for that stress, or you want them to gain some confidence to help them in those peer-to-peer situations, we can help.

Maybe they haven’t found a sport or activity that’s the right fit for them yet. Perhaps they’ve tried all the other sports or activities and STILL haven’t gained a great confidence in themselves… We can help.

Let us help your kid(s) by teaching them fit, fun self-defense moves. We don’t want anyone feeling stupid or uncoordinated, so we break things down into manageable tasks, then add to it as they grasp each level. There’s ALWAYS more challenges to aim for, the curriculum keeps them active & gets them in better shape, and they’ll be learning self-defense skills to help them deal with bullies or other attackers.

Most kids 5-11 years old like to be enrolled in a martial arts program with uniforms and belt advancement because it makes them feel like a ninja, and they can physically SEE their progress with each new belt. For our Back-to-School Special, Ninja Fit is offering 6 weeks of lessons (including uniform & belt) for $99. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson!