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Whether you're looking to find a fun class to get in shape, or really want to learn more advanced moves than the basic self-defense class, teens AND adults benefit greatly from Martial Arts.

Relieve stress through physical exercise & hitting the bag hard!

Bag work helped me IMMENSELY as a teen dealing with personal frustrations.

As an adult, the frustrations are fewer & further between, but it still helps. :)

Loosen up with stretches at beginning & end of class.

Did you know that being more limber also helps reduce injuries (especially in adults)?

Develop better understanding & control of your body as you put it through movements you don't normally do on a daily basis.

You will work your upper & lower body, left & right sides, learning how to get POWER & increase range of motion.

Lose weight as you get a cardio workout, plus tone that muscle as that fat burns away.

Not all workouts are easy or fun, but you won't be alone.

Meet new friends (guys & girls) and build relationships through shared experiences.

Root for each other as we all regularly strive for new goals.

Some of the reviews you can read below come from adults in this class.

Teen boy holding target pad for adult man preparing to strike it

90 minute class for teens & adults interested in learning the formal martial art (with uniform). Work on cardio, strength, & flexibility while learning how to get the most out of your body.


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