Ninja Fit Philosophy: In stories of old, the Ninja was a warrior that was physically fit, well-educated, & involved in the fine arts. Modern-day movies show the Ninja as an expert at everything they touch (sports/athletics, tumbling, & anything else they attempt). Our goal is to use Taekwondo as the martial arts basis for self-defense, but expand on the fitness & education aspects of the student’s training by offering opportunities to sample/learn other sports, arts, & supporting continued education. Self-Defense & weapons training are the things most commonly associated with the Ninja, but there’s a more well-rounded approach that we believe parents & students will benefit from & appreciate.

Jake Miesner has over 25 years of experience in martial arts and teaching.  As a certified educator, Mr. Miesner has taught at Middle School, High School, & Collegiate levels.  While  fitness & Self-Defense is a major aspect of what’s taught at Ninja Fit, Mr. Miesner is passionate about helping creatBP3 Covere leaders for this and future generations.

Mr. Miesner also authored a chapter in a recently released Best-Selling book about dealing with the issue of bullying in today’s society. Mr. Miesner is a believer in helping kids and adults develop confidence & self-esteem as a hinderance for bullies.

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