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Martial arts classes benefit far beyond the dojo and in many real-world scenarios. We help build confidence through learning actual skills to help prevent, escape or control physical confrontations.

Build Confidence

We teach in layers, building on success.

Develop Self-Discipline

Ninja Fit students learn to remind themselves to do the right thing.

Get Moving

Classes are designed to workout people of all fitness levels.

Learn from an

International Best-Selling Author!!

Corporate Events

Today more than ever, businesses are making significant investments in the safety and welfare of their employees. They are providing more and more perks like wellness programs and further training/education (because they recognize that their employees are their greatest assets). Self-defense has become a mainstream part of these programs, because of the benefits to both employer and employee. A modest training investment now not only can help make your teams safer and more productive, but can also prevent catastrophic losses in the future.

Increase Awareness

We'll discuss Root-Cause issues that lead to confrontation

Stress Relief

Light-hearted approach to a serious topic, along with stretching & activity

Strategic Thinking

Thinking through avoidance, escape or control options. Problem-Solving

Meet The Instructors

Jake Miesner

Owner & Head Instructor

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